RT Media conflicts with another plugin


By enabling the RT-media plugin (PRO) - it is conflicting with another plugin named ‘jReviews’. The upload page of jReviews will be replaced by the upload page of RT-media (in the footer is appearing the upload part of RT-media)…

Could you help me to solve this issue?

Hi woekerzee,
Try re-saving permalinks, that might help. We had faced such issue for the first time. Can you give link to jReviews plugin?

Hello Ritesh,

Re-saving the permalinks doesn’t fixed the problem. The plugin has been disabled at this time, because we’re developing the website at this moment. Would it help you if I provide you admin credentials so you can check the problem by yourself?


Yes, that will be nice. You can send admin credentials to ritesh.patel@rtcamp.com.

Hello Ritesh,

The admin credentials have been send to your email address. Please check.