Rt Community Password Reset

Every time I log in to rtCommunity, I have to reset my password. I am using Apple Keychain to store it, so I know the correct password is being used, every time. Could an admin take a look at this issue, please?

Sorry to say I am not aware of any such issue. I am also using Apple Macbook Air + Keychain.

We are using http://www.discourse.org/ out of the box to power this site.

May be you can search/post this in http://www.discourse.org/ . They may have an idea about this.

Yeah… I don’t have time to research an issue with someone else’s support forum, especially when I’m spending so much time already, troubleshooting ee installs with “502 Bad Gateway” errors (happening with every install now).

I can confirm that I’ve removed and re-added the username/password combination, from Apple’s keychain, several times. When I log in, always the same issue. This happens every time I try to log in. Every time, I have to reset the password. Once the password is reset, it lets me back in, until I log out. Then I have to reset the password again. See attached screenshot:

This Password Reset issue is still a problem, however, I may have a little more information as to what is going on.

If I allow my Mac to suggest a password, the current format is: AaA-BbB-cCc-DDd

While the password may contain any mix of upper/lower letters and numbers every three digits is separated by a dash “-” (as seen above).

Your password/reset system allows these passwords to be used, but not when logging in. If I remove the dashes, the password works just fine.