Rsnapshot documentation


I am struggling with getting the rsnapshot working, or not working. On my dev server, it has created some massive backups, that I didn’t need or want. And it has taken me sometime to realise why my server was filled up, but it is from the automatically setup and install rsnapshot through the easy engine install.

There is very little documentation on the web, which is reliable, and nothing on this RT website giving basic, to detailed information about setting up, changing, or clearing this backup system. I have started to find my way to getting someway to resolving the issues it is casuing, but it is very frustrating that this is not documented in a clear and easy to understand manner on this site.

Can you give me some direction, place of good information, or something so I can get on with allowing me to make this setup as required?

Many Thanks

I would add the same request here. Some more information about how rsnap works and could be setup for easy engine would be great.

It also seems to be a basis for the duplicity tutorial so it would be helpful to know where to go.