Roadmap Question

Just wondering what's happening in terms of the current roadmap you have posted as dates and versions seem to be off track now.

Can I take it that you are actually working towards the 3.0 release now instead of anything above 2.15.

This isn't a moan, you guys are doing fantastic work. Just curious is all :)

Many thanks,


Hi Richard,

Somewhere along the roadmap, we realised that instead of moving things step by step, we would be better off working on multiple steps at the same time. Otherwise it would have been refactor one feature, add legacy support for other feature and would take twice the time.

Also, since the plugin is getting independent of BuddyPress, the identity needed to reflect it, so we decided on working on rtMedia 3.0 directly. We did plan a beta on the way, but the flow dictated that we move faster towards completion.

As of now, the stable working copy of rtMedia (for WordPress) is available here. You can download and test it out. It has the anywhere uploader and anywhere media functionality and works with all post types. The latest development version is on different branches.

Thanks for clearing that up Saurabh,

When you say that the stable copy for download is (for Wordpress) I take it, it still works as ever with Buddypress?


Also, as we complete the documentation, we publish it here:

Check it out to have a good idea of what we are building.


No. That's why we haven't released it yet. We are just working on making media functionalities work without BuddyPress and then integrate them with Activities, Profiles, Groups and finally with bbPress forums and WordPress comments.