Reverse Proxy function doesn't work


Dear EE community members!

I would like to install a new website of reverse proxy using E4, but there is’t any official document, so I use E3 for making reverse proxy website like before.

However in the current version of E3, I couldn’t succeed. Whould you tell me why?

Here is the all command which I type.

Ubuntu 18.04, Clean Install,

wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee
ee site create --php7 --mysql --letsencrypt
ee site update --proxy=


2019-06-05 08:59:20,929 (INFO) ee : Initializing EasyEngine Database

2019-06-05 08:59:20,937 (DEBUG) ee : Setting apt_packages variable for Nginx

2019-06-05 08:59:21,662 (DEBUG) ee : Finding string SCRIPT_FILENAME to file /etc/nginx/fastcgi_params

2019-06-05 08:59:21,662 (INFO) ee : Running pre-update checks, please wait…

2019-06-05 08:59:21,663 (DEBUG) ee : checking NGINX configuration …

2019-06-05 08:59:21,680 (DEBUG) ee : Creating directories: /var/www/

2019-06-05 08:59:21,681 (INFO) ee : Backup location : /var/www/

2019-06-05 08:59:21,681 (DEBUG) ee : Copying file, Source:/etc/nginx/sites-available/, Dest:/var/www/

2019-06-05 08:59:21,681 (DEBUG) ee : ‘wp’

2019-06-05 08:59:21,681 (INFO) ee : Check logs for reason tail /var/log/ee/ee.log & Try Again!!!

Please let me know how can I solve this!

I think current E3 has a problem.

Thank you so much.