Restrict Video to Membership types

This was asked a couple of years ago, but went unanswered. I’d like to know the answer:

Can you control users ability to upload video media by member type? I’d love to restrict videos for basic (free) members but allow for premium (paying) members using PMPro.

Custom WP function code welcome.

Thank you.

I wonder if this could be handled by “press permit core” ( ) (I think that is what the “role scoper” plugin merged into.

Hello @bayfish and @stevemedia,

You can visit rtMedia Membership addon using which site admin (owner) can create different plans and restrict users to upload media file. Only users who purchased subscription can upload images, video and audio files on WordPress website.

Please visit the product page here -

Here is the document for further information -

I hope this will help you.

Thank you.