Restrict No. of Uploads / CubePoint integration


Hey! I want to suggest to implement a restriction of how many Media-Types a User can Upload. For example: A User can Upload 10 Photos, 5 Videos etc.. In combination with cubepoint ( it would be sooo amazing, if I could say: Upload a Photo costs 10 Points, Upload a Video costs 50 Points etc.. that was really interessting even in monatization! The User can buy Points over PayPal to load more media-File on MY Server. I suggest an extra-modul für Cubepoints where we´ll have several options to manage the points for media. If I get payed to host other media for my user on MY Server its only fair and...with cubepoints I can make some interessting offers to my Users with monthly specials etc.. I would be very glad, if this is possible in a short time!? Thanks for your great work!!



Cubepoint integration is not our roadmap for now. The only way this can be done rapidly is if someone

  • sponsors the development
  • develops it as an addon, themselves (or using the services of a third party developer
  • Hires us for custom solutions

As far as restrictions and quotas are concerned, we are going to release a premium Membership addon.