Responsive framework?

Hi, I was wondering if the framework is responsive because I'm testing it out on safari and it doesn't resize to mobile devices. Am I doing something wrong? I added some additional CSS but this is not working after all the work I did :(

Hi Sorry I think I figured out the problem. If I have a further issue I’ll let you know. Thanks

Glad to know you’ve got the issue sorted :slight_smile:

Hi Joshua, Everything else I was able to make responsive except the blog page. When I resize my page in firefox and safari everything in the header and footer are responive except for the blog excepts and blog posts. I’ve attached the index.php file which is the page I’m assuming the blog posts will be showing from. Hope you can help. Thanks

Oh I can’t attach the file. Well here is an except of the code for the index page. I notice when I take this section out the blog section is suddenly responsive.

<?php $rtp_content_class = ''; if ( is_archive() ) { $rtp_content_class = ' class="rtp-grid-10 rtp-multiple-post" '; } elseif ( is_page() || is_single() || is_404() ) { $rtp_content_class = ' class="rtp-grid-10 rtp-singular" '; } elseif ( is_home() ) { $rtp_content_class = ' class="rtp-grid-10 rtp-blog-post" '; } else { $rtp_content_class = ' class="rtp-grid-10"'; } ?>

Ah, I figured out the problem, I added the rtp-grids to my child theme style. Which somehow caused a conflict with the parent and eliminated the responsive element of the grid. So if anyone has the same problem don’t add any additional rtp-grids to your child theme unless you are editing one specific grid.

Thanks for sharing it here on the forum.