Resources Upgrade

Our hosting provider updated our memory yesterday, since our resources demand changed and grew bigger. I know that easyengine optimizes itself upon installation, based on current hardware specs. Is there a way to redefine these resources? Or, can I assign them manually? If yes, which are they?

You don’t need to do anything, if you have more memory, EasyEngine will use it. You can allow more resources usage for php by editing your php configuration /etc/php/5.6 or 7.0/fpm/php.ini

What if I have 16GB Memory and 8cpu core. Will EE tweak itself ?

You probably mean pool.d/www.conf ?

No, I was talking about the value memory_limit for example.

That’s a lot of resources to run only Nginx with php and MariaDB. Use the command htop to see what your are using in real time.

I tweaked it , though wordpress and other applications that run uses mariadb and php show that I have that amount of ram and processors avaialble but they are not able to utilize it fully.

Well, that’s true, that’s a lof of resources only to Nginx with PHP and MariaDB; I am only testing out that whether EE could scale up to the task of utilizing such resources. White custom WordPress installation did scale out, am yet to find out a way to make sure the with EE being used resources are not underutilized even with very big environments. I did reach to EE via twitter. However, they seemed busy and had some problems with the development. They said they will updates all EE users soon a blog post or something like that.