[Resolved] Ee stack status returns FATAL -> Failed to fork

I was trying to update php to php7 by following ee site update mydomain.com --php7

But ended up with FATAL -> Failed to fork. error message. No matter how many times I tried, the errors were never fixed.

Then I tried ee stack status, but it also returned FATAL -> Failed to fork.

I’m running EE on a openvz server, but I rarely faced these troubles on KVM, so EE perhaps isn’t friendly to openvz, however if anyone knows how to fix these issues, I’d appreciate it.

I think I found the cause…it was memory…

My openvz has 1GB ram and 1GB swap file, and somehow when web stacks are installed, EE uses minimum of 1.2GB of memory which causes the fatal errors.

I could setup EE on the same 1GB but KVM VPS without any troubles (The only trouble was mysql went down while running ab command…) and never had memory issues, so I guess EE can’t be used on a certain openvz servers.