Resizing doesn't work properly with crayon syntax highlighter


This theme is great but I have one issue, when I use crayon syntax highlighter and open my blog on tablet or mobile then code-syntax block has equal number of blank lines. I reproduced it in the browser when you resize browser window. When inspection I found this

is the extra code which is inserted when you resize(only make it smaller) the window.


Hello Mukesh,

I checked Crayon Syntax Highlighter plugin on my localhost, following is the solution to remove an equal number of blank lines.

.crayon-main .pinned { display: none; }

Add this styles to theme option panel. Navigate to Appearance > rtPanel > General and add above code to 'Custom Styles' textarea OR you can add this code in the bottom of style.css file.

Let me know if its works for you.


Thanks Manish Changes suggested by you fixed the problem,



Glad to know your issue got solved. I am closing this support thread. If you face any other issue in future, please create another thread.