Resize photo on the server to Upload


I’m using rtmedia Pro plugin, it’s doing a great job!
At the moment I’ve set to limit the dimension of the photos uploaded by the users to 1 Megabyte.
Two questions:

  1. It’s possible to set a lower lever? Like for example 500Kbyte? I can see that at the moment the minimum is 1 Mega for each file

  2. There’s a way to allow the user to resize a big file automatically by the server when uploading it? For example: a user has a photo of 5 Megabyte, he doesn’t know how to do it smaller, he upload on the server and it’s resized to the dimension I’ve set as limit in rtMedia.

Thanks for your support and replies,


Hi @axelts,

  1. We will be modifying allowed upload limit so that user can set limit in KB.

  2. Yes, you can do that. You need to set dimension of media from admin settings -> {site_URL}/wp-admin/admin.php?page=rtmedia-settings#rtmedia-sizes


about media resize i’ve already set that page, I’ve set the images to be 800x600. but for example, if I upload an image that is 2048x1365 I found that image exactly 800x600 on the buddy press activity stream but it will be on original size 2048x1365 on the wordpress media library. I’ve to point that the general setting for wordpress are limited to 1500x1500 for big size file…

i’m put in attachment some screen of my settings.

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By default WordPress stores the original file and make different versions of images as per the registered sizes. What you are seeing is the original size and what you set in admin setting is the large image size which is 1500 * 1500.
Hope this solves the issue, let me know if I get it wrong.

Thanks for the answer but the point of my question is still not resolved: i don’t want that Wordpress store a bigger original file that the Large size setting. I would like, if it is possible, a plug in that re-size the image on the moment it’s getting upladed with rtMedia so that is possible for an user to select big file images and the server is doing the job of resizing for the maximum setting of Wordpress and rtmedia. Hope this clarify my question…

Yes, I got what you trying to say but it is not possible with rtMedia as rtMedia itself uses WordPress functions to upload media and sorry to say I do not have any information regarding such plugin which can accomplish this task.

When it will be possible to set limit in KB?

@supergrower, yes you can specify file size in KB. for example, if you want to limit file size to 500kb than simply put 0.5 value in upload limit.

I hope it will fulfill your requirements :)

Yes. I was trying this way from mobile - its impossible to enter not integer. But from PC - its OK. Thank you.