Reset rtmedia uploader


I use the rtmedia uploader shortcode, and after the upload of a file by a user, I would like the uploader to “reset” (to display the original message to select files), instead of having displayed “add more files”. Hoping someone can help me, Thank you very much !

Hello @marineb,

As you mentioned, you are using uploader shortcode. We wanted to ask that do you need this particularly for uploader shortcode or it would be fine if it keeps the Select your files ( or any new text ) for all the rtMedia uploader on your website?


Hi @pranalipatel ,

It should be fine if it could work for all the rtMedia uploader on my website, but with the buddypress activity it already works fine, so the problem is for the uploder shortcode.

Actually, before addind medias I can see this original uploader :

but after having chosen the medias and after their download, I see the following layout, but I would like to see the original one :

Thank you

Hi @marineb,

It will require some custom JavaScipt coding.

Here is the sample code which you can refer -

I hope it helps you. Thanks