Require users to crop image using jCrop (or similar cropping tool) immediately after upload

I’m using the rtMedia plugin for Wordpress.

I’d like to require users to crop their uploaded images immediately after uploading the image. In other words, the image should not be saved unless the image is first cropped. The user should have the ability to crop the image, perhaps using a tool like jCrop (whereby they can drag a floating square over the cropped area to determine the cropped space). After cropping, the image would be saved.

Can anyone suggest a way to do this? There are some good Wordpress plugins for a jCrop-like behavior for uploaded images, but none that work with rtMedia, it seems.

If there are no good rtMedia plugins for this purpose, can you tell me what files I should modify to achieve this behavior, and approximately how I’d go about implementing this? I’m a PHP/javascript development, but not an rtMedia expert.


Hello @Darren_Gates,

Sorry to say, but this is not possible. There is no rtMedia plugin for this purpose as of now.

rtMedia uses plupload to upload media, if you manage to do that with plupload, it can be possible.

Thank you.