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Thanks for this great plugin, it is resolving seamlessly and have solved my purpose to a certain extent, Is there is any way, to show all the video/music uploaded by user in a page by using shortcode or something like that,

For instance, i will create a page called music and add the shortcode in it, and that page will show all the music uploaded by users, and when a user click on a music, it will open that along with all the related music, same with video and photos

Thank you


Although that's an interesting idea, we're not likely to do that some time soon. Primary reason is that we are trying to keep it to the media needs of a social network.

Why don't you go ahead and add this suggestion, here: where our users and developers weigh the suggestions. The discussions that follow will decide when (or if we will), this can be added.

Thanks for the appreciation.



We have added shortcode few months back but forgot to upgrade this thread.

You can find shortcode documentaion here -

Shortcode demo -

We also have Ui for shortcodes in post-editor as well as sidebar-widgets in rtMedia-PRO edition

Please let us know if you face any issues.