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As a BuddyPress community grows it will be harder and harder for a website admin to moderate the media files that members upload. Perhaps a "flag media" button would help. If a website user navigates to a photo/video/audio file that is inappropriate (contains nudity, a violation of privacy etc) they can click on "flag media" so that particular file is brought to the attention of the website admin who can then choose to remove the file.


@henrywright - Hi Henry, I came across this plugin: - I've got it installed and works and is customisable apparently to Flag media etc. I haven't yet figured out how to configure it for flagging media but according to the developer it should be possible.

See Other Notes for the plugin:

If you get it working for Media - I'd love to know too!




Thanks for that, I will give it a try and let you know how I get on!


@henrywright & @madcap66 - We have already thought about this feature. Also we are working on a rtMedia Pro plugin which would contain all the premium features. But we are not yet sure which plugin would this module be part of.


I can see rtMedia Pro being very popular! it definitely would be on my plugin shopping list



This is already being worked on in rtMedia-PRO. This will go live latest by tomorrow.

Existing PRO user can track status via

If you are not using rtMedia-PRO yet, you may upgrade by visiting -


Thanks @rahul.bansal - i'm looking forward to it! :)


This feature is already live -

Looks like going PRO is working for us. One thing is sure that we are getting much more time for actual development. :-)

Thanks @henrywright for your support all the time. :-)


Ah great! It is worth going Pro for this feature alone - sites that have lots of members can be very hard to moderate! :)


Glad to know you find this feature useful. :-)

If you need any enhancements to this, create an issue here -

Issues created inside addressed faster as we have dedicated team working on rtMedia PRO.

PRO team does not check this forum. It's me and other devs who monitors this forum and filter issues for PRO team, so PRO team can spend full-time on development.