Replace lightbox with another one


Is it possible to replace the standard RT Media Lightbox with another one, and still retain the free/upgraded options that are available in the RT Media Lightbox e.g. edit/delete/report/like photo etc.? If so, is this easy to do?

Many thanks

Anyone please?

I posted my query nearly 2 weeks ago, and still no reply. I would appreciate a response from RTMedia support to what should be a fairly simple question.

Hello @mike2,

Yes, it’s possible to replace rtMedia lightbox with any other you want with some custom code.

To do that, you will need to override rtMedia templates in your theme and make some modification in template file as per your requirement.

You can check this doc - for more details on how to override rtMedia templates in your theme.

You can check media-single.php file, that’s the template which is shown in the lightbox.

Regarding lightbox options and easiness of the code : It depends on the library you are using to replace the lightbox. It should be having proper documentation so that it can be used to replace.

Let us know which library you are going to try so that we can try to guide you accordingly.

Thank you.