Reordering Media tab in BuddyPress

I’ve tried searching through the documentation and using your search function, but I couldn’t find how I can reorder the “Media” tab in BuddyPress. Basically, it’s at the end of all of my tabs (Activity, Profile, Settings, etc), and I’d like to reorder it before settings. I’ve tried this in bp-custom.php but to no avail:

	$bp->bp_nav['rtmedia']['position'] = 70;  

Any help on this would be appreciated! I’m sure it’s an easy thing to do, I just haven’t done it, haha.

Hi @Gshock,

Put the following code in your functions.php file. You can change the position of the media tab as you wish by specifying the value for the postion.

add_action('bp_init','change_media_tab_position', 12);  
function change_media_tab_position(){  
    global $bp;  
    if( isset ($bp->bp_nav['media'])){  
        $bp->bp_nav['media']['position'] = 70;