Removing the green loading bar after EasyEngine installation

Hi everyone,
I’ve been using EasyEngine for a several days now and I have to say this is the easiest way to integrate Nginx and Wordpress together without having to wrap my head around a bunch of errors. The site I installed it’s blazing fast and everything ran smoothly. However, there’s always this green loading status bar that kept popping up every time I got into the website or reload the current page. Everywhere I go, even in wp-admin contains this annoying loading bar.
Can someone help me sort this out please? Thank you.
Here’s the picture of the annoying thingy.

Does this behavior exist in other browsers as well? Try Safari and Chrome and report back. My best guess is there is some sort of browser plugin that is causing this behavior.

Thanks for your help. I think I have finally found the problem. My friend was installing a plugin called PACE on CloudFlare.