Removing Duplicate Content

Hi there, I used your tutorial to import posts from my old blogger blog ( to my new Wordpress blog ( I then used the plugin to map the URLs which also seems to be working great for individual posts (thanks!).

I’m confused about two things though, which I was hoping you could help me with.

(1) you mention a step where you change the DNS records for the old domain name? I’m not sure whether I need to do this since the new site has a completely different domain from the old one.

(2) when I search my old site in google ( the archive pages are all visible and do not redirect to my new blog. In fact, they continue to open in the old blogger site in an unformatted form (see screen shot). I’m worried about duplicate content and being penalised by google. Can you tell me why this is happening and whether I need to complete another step to remove all traces of my old blog?

Thank you!

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Glad to know our article helpful for you. :slight_smile:

For both of your points,
Since you moved blogger content on completely new domain, in that case the DNS change is of NO use. Hence its showing duplicate content for both the domains.
You may need to add redirection from old domain to new domain.

I can suggest you to use the same domain of blogger blog to new WordPress blog, just to avoid redirection and duplicate content. Also it will helpful to retain SEO juice.


Thank you for the quick response! Unfortunately I can’t use the same domain because it is a complete rebrand… Is is a 301 redirect that I need to add to the old domain?
Thanks again.

Yes, you can add 301 on old domain. Setup a hosting for old domain and then add .htaccess rules to provide 301 redirection. I think your hosting support team can be helpful for this.