Removing blog description


I am a novice and have a bit of a struggle in figuring out what is the correct code that needs to go to "After Logo" box in the plugin so that blog description would not be displayed.

All my personal attempts to do this, have failed.

Could you please kindly assist me?

Hello Makra,

We consider, you are using the updated rtpanel theme frame-work.
If you want to change the blog description then simply go to settings and change the Tagline.

If you want to completly hide the tagline then add the below hook in function ‘rtp_remove_parent_hooks’ from ‘rtp_remove_parent_hooks your rtp-custom-hooks-applied.php’ file

remove_action( ‘rtp_hook_after_logo’, ‘rtp_blog_description’ ); // Remove Tagline

I hope this will help you.