Remove title picture


Is there some tricks to remove the title of image that a user upload and not display it on activity and lightbox (or other place)?

For example, on Facebook, when the user upload a pics or video, the files is automatically rename and we can’t see the title on the website.

Is there a hook on rtMedia to remove this “title function”?

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Hello @cashio,

You can add Custom CSS code to hide the title of uploaded image.

For example, to hide media title including the BuddyPress activity use below custom code under the admin setting of rtMedia - rtMedia->settings->Custom CSS :

.rtmedia-list-item .rtmedia-item-title{ display: none; }


In case anyone else is still looking at this thread…

The about code didn’t work for me. I did this code to get the title to go away. ( Not using lightbox)

.rtmedia-media-title { display: none; }