Remove the Powered By RT Media

How do I remove the tag at the top right of my site since installing the latest RTMedia Pro version? As this is a paid version, I do not want this message displaying …


Hmmm ... getting impatient .. it just disappeared. Does it only show for a few screens and then go away. Will end users see this?


Not sure, where exactly you are getting that message. Can you please provide us a screen-shot?

It is gone now, It said Empowered by RTMedia or something to that effect.

Please close the call .. maybe it was a phantom message ... or maybe I was just imagining it! :)


Yep. We never added anything like this in PRO version.

In core, there is an option to add footer link, but it is disabled by default.

That must be it, I was playing with the settings and had that clicked but did not equate the top right corner of the screen with the footer! ... LOL I turned it off and the message went away, but it did not click that it was related ... Thanks, at least I was not imagining it. :)