Remove Search

How to remove search from the top bar? “option for that would be welcome”

Namely it does search only thru WP posts etc, not BP… therefore it should be at least called “Site search” or something…

I prefer having search in each section of BP, like BP-default theme has… Members have their own search, Groups etc…


Another idea is to leave it like it is, but to run searches also thru BP, and create sections on search results page... "site results", "members results", "groups results", "activity results" etc...

Hello Mihail,

In the upcoming version we have added the option to show/hide header top menu icons, color palette and much more.

Use following code in your style.css to remove search icon from top bar,

.rtp-search-slide { display: none; }


We will see if we can add BP Member/Group search functionality in the upcoming release, as currently its not in our road map.