Remove media file names

Hey Guys

There are a few places, where the file name is shown. Also on the bottom of the lightbox. I cant remove this file names.

I tried all the CSS codes which i found in the inernet, they all not work for me.

I tried all of them:

#buddypress .rtmedia-container .rtmedia-list-media .rtmedia-list-item .rtmedia-item-title {display:none;}

#buddypress .rtmedia-activity-container .rtmedia-item-title { display: none; }

rtmedia-container .rtmedia-item-title { display :none }

.rtmedia-activity-container .rtmedia-item-title, #buddypress div.rtmedia-activity-container .rtmedia-item-title { display: none; }

Thanks for help!


And i use the latest rt media verison by the way

Hello @planetoffitness,

Please, confirm if you want to remove the whole reference link media-name under album-name from the lightbox. I am attaching a screenshot for more clarification.

Please, provide any screenshot for your query if we have misunderstood your question.

Thank you.


Thanks for your fast response. This is exactly what i want.

Cheers Janick

Hello @planetoffitness

Please go to rtMedia > Settings > Custom CSS and add below custom CSS to remove media title.

.rtm-ltb-action-container .rtm-ltb-title {
        display: none;

Regards, Yahil Madakiya

It works perfect! Thanks :slight_smile:

You are welcome @planetoffitness,

We are glad to know that it could be of your help.

I am closing this ticket for now. Feel free to create new if you need any assistance