Remove lightbox on images

Hello, I am using another plugin to show up my images on a lightbox, but since I installed rtMedia now when I click an image, two lightbox are coming up. I want to remove the lightbox generated by rtMedia. Is it possible? How? Thanks so much for you amazing help!

Hello @mario212212,

There is an option available in the rtMedia settings to disable the default rtMedia lightbox. Disable lightbox from there and rtMedia lightbox wont load anymore.

Hello Pushpak Patel,

Thanks for your quick response, but is off by default, and and double checked that but is still loading lightbox on all my site images. Any suggestion? Thanks so much! You are awesome!

If there is no way to remove, is there a way to hice the image caption, name, title? so that the lightbox just shows the image and anything else? Thanks again!

Hello @mario212212,

rtMedia lightbox applies to the rtMedia thumbnails only. Is you theme using any other lightbox? May be possible that your themes lightbox might be conflicting. Can you provide a link to your site?

There isnt a way to simply hide the all other things except the image, you will need to manually hide those elements by adding custom css.