Remove "Group Admins and Mods only" Option in Group Creation


Hey there,

My Buddypress community is really new, and we haven't introduced "moderators" into the equation yet. I want to remove the option for "Group Admins and Mods only" with regards to album/playlist creation. There doesn't appear to be a really easy CSS way to do this.

How would you suggest I remove it?

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I went with this solution: div#group-create-body.item-body label:nth-of-type(2){ display:none !Important; }

Any better ideas?


There is no easy way of getting this done actually as there is no specific class we can target here. Although you could also try hiding the second radio button in the list using the following jQuery selectors - nth-child() selector | :eq() selector


Well, the CSS solution worked, but as an enhancement, having classes assigned to those items would be helpful.


@jaemaz - I don't think that would be required as not many people will be requiring this. Hence the above method should suffice for this kind of requirement.