Reload new page when using lightbox when shared image on facebook


I’m trying to use the lightbox when you are redirected from a shared image on for example Facebook. The lightbox reloads a new page. Is it possible to fix this problem or work around it?

Anyone who knows about this issue? If a shared an image to facebook, after clicking the image from facebook an then redirects you to the image lightbox. It reloads a new page and then show the picture…trying to simplify.

Hi @felipechamorrov,

Sorry to say but that’s not available right now. It will require some customization work, I suggest you to hire a developer to do that.

Yes, we have already done that… we are little stuck on that problem…we don’t want that it reloads a new page, we want that goes directly to the lighbox. That is why I’m asking I everyone have encounter that problem. I guess I will have to talk to Semenov directly.