Regular user can't delete last photo?

For some reason, regular users can’t delete all their photos and are forced to retain 1 photo. However, with admins don’t have this problem. I have never noticed this before. Is this supposed to happen and how can I disable it?

I have rtmedia Pro by the way with a lot of additional plugins.

Hello @LearntoDesign,

There isn’t any restriction to prevent users from deleting all their photos. We are not able to regenerate such issue for user role ‘Subscriber’ as well.

You can try a quick theme / plugin conflict test by deactivating other plugins and activating any default theme of WordPress.

Please check if your plugins are up to date. It should work for your website as well.

Thank you.

Ok, thank you. I will try deactivating plugins to see if anything changes.

Sure @LearntoDesign,

We look forward to your reply.