how can I get a refund for buddypress media pro? - does not work for me, slows site down


@buddhatunes - Could you let us know what issues are you facing.

If rtMedia works fine on your site then there is no reason why rtMedia Pro should be slowing down your site.

Also as per your previous support requests here -> it looks like an issue in your server configuration.


I don’t have time to troubleshoot why your plugin slows down my site, but it does. Please refund my money.


As I said before, rtMedia-PRO cannot slow down your site. If you do not want to use rtMedia, you can simply say so and get a refund since your purchase is already in 30-days refund window.
You no need to blame us for problems that are not created by our code.
I asked our accounting team to proceed with refund for your order with reason - “Customer is no longer using rtMedia-PRO and is under 30-day refund policy”. Please give us 3-5 days to process refund. Rest assured, you will get an email from PayPal about the same.


@buddhatunes Your refund request is processed. Check your mailbox for mail from PayPal and/or PayPal balance to confirm.