Refund rtmedia pro


Hi Rtmedia pro doesn´t works with my website (url preview,albums and buttons), i want my refund. my order number is #70638, please help me, i just want the refund.


Hi David,

May I know what exactly is the issue you are facing? Have you checked it with other plugins disabled and with WordPress default theme?


Hi riteshpatel,

Thanks for you supporting, i dont know why the plug-in doesn´t works, i dont have time and i just want my refund.

Can you help me with that?, your website have a 30 days refund.


you must be refunded to me the money


@davidm2390 first sorry for inconvenience you have faced.

Please read refund policy here -

Also on rtMedia-PRO homepage we have added special pre-purchase instruction.

It is advised to test your site with the free version first, before going ahead with the purchase of the pro version.

We request you to provide us issue details and give us a chance to fix your issue.

Most theme issues can be solved by just adding 2-3 lines of code.

You can send us your site details via email. Please check your email for requesting the same.


I dont have time to waste, please return my money, everybody is happy and no more. I prove the the rt and it works but not the media pro.

So please refund my money i dont want to have troubles.

Tell me what is the next step to refund.


Our support team is already working with you on private email thread.

Most issues you sent were not part of rtMedia-PRO.

Please use email thread for followups and do not create duplicate issues.

Creating multiple tickets will not speed up anything.