Rediscache x post views

Hello, It has a template in wp, which has a plugin that shows how many views of each post.

My site uses easyengine + wp + rediscache

I have a problem, when the user accesses the site and does not show how views are available, the counter is stuck and does not update because of the cache.

I would like to know how do I redis cache not cache this plugin

You can set:

set $skip_cache 1;

to any location you don’t want to be cached. See the “/etc/nginx/common/redis.conf” for example.

In your scenario, maybe you can exclude the whole plugin folder.

How do I set this tables to wp_pvc_daily and wp_pvc_total

When redis caches the page or the user is not logged in, he could not see the updated post views

If you care to look in the “/etc/nginx/common/redis.conf” file , you will notice that the rule to skip cache is this:

if ($request_uri ~* “(/the-url-or-folder-to-your-plugin-or-the-file-that-is-displaying-the-updated-post-views)”) { set $skip_cache 1; }

put this rule in /var/www/

Still does not show updated views I already put up the url of a page, but the cache still does not show the updated views

Only refreshes when I give a flush cache

What’s the name of the plugin? Maybe I could give it a try.

Add this to your /var/www/ and reload nginx, clean cache.

if ($request_uri ~* "(/wp-json/pvc/v1/increase/1)") {
set $skip_cache 1;

I installed the plugin and only change “Page Views Count Load” to enable Ajax load. It should be working.

Hello, excuse me for delaying the response.

Everything worked fine here, but only works with pages In the post does not work

If I leave the site url the counter does not work

Now if I enable the permanent links to Http:// The counter works 100% with the cache

Would there be any way for me to sort it out?

I tested it on a clean install of WordPress with --wpredis --php7 flags, and permalink enabled (/sample-post).

Maybe you should contact the plugin’s author. He/she should know better how the plugin work and which resource to exclude from caching.