Redis & widgets

Im thinking of a way to have widgets uncached (or cached for a fixed time), using Redis & Nginx-helper plugin.

Since there is no URL structure for every widget in WordPress, which could be added to the purge-URLs-list of Nginx-Helper plugin and solve the issue straight ahead, I ended up in two ways:

1 - Loading widget over ajax (which is not an option at all)

2 - Adding * in purge-URLs-list (which is not an option aswell)

and a third one that Im unable to find plenty information about:


I was wondering if I miss something here. If no, can someone with experience in adding WP_REDIS_IGNORED_GROUPS suggest if adding widgets under it, will help ?

Thanks in advance,

The Redis caching + Nginx helper is for full page caching. Widgets are part of a page. If you know what URLs the widget is on that need to be flushed then you could do that. Or simply flush the entire cache when a widget is updated. If data for a widget is computationally challenging you might look at using a transient: