Redis page cache doesn't work when SSL is on

Hi the page caching works with my stack (nginx-custom, nginx-helper installed and configed) when its on http; but when I turned on ssl it the nginx access log shows BYPASS on every requests.

Can anyone point out where I should start looking to make page caching work with SSL?

Update: turns out it’s the http auth stopping nginx from generating page cache. Anyone know if there is a way to get around this?


Does Redis Cache fix PageSpeed and Fastcgi Cache issue?

PageSpeed doesn’t work nicely with fastcgi-cache as being discussed here. Unfortunately, PageSpeed runs into similar problem with Redis cache module also.

Currently we have stopped using PageSpeed and W3TC internally for all our sites.

You need to use w3tc in order to use pagespeed

Thanks @Enterpr1se but I’m not using PageSpeed.