Redis Max Memmory and Autostart


Hey Guys,

So, I have shifted all my sites to Redis cache and after some initial issues now it is working perfectly but I have 2 small Issues.

  1. Redis is using 100% of my 512MB ram. I know that there is the max-memory setting for Redis but i don’t know how much max-memory should I allocate to Redis. I am running few wordpress sites with less than thousand pageviews (Combined all sites).

  2. Redis do not start automatically after re starting the server until i give redis-server command. so sites remain down till then. Any way to make it start at boot.



Hello @singhashwin27,

with only 512MB RAM available (it’s the minimum to run Nginx + php-fpm + MySQL but not enough to use in-memory caching system), I can only recommend you to use a lighter cache system (fastcgi is probably the lightest) and to stop and disable redis & memcached services.

To start/stop redis on boot, just use :

# to enable redis on boot
systemctl enable redis-server

# to disable it
systemctl disable redis-server


Thank You, Will switch to FastCGI.