Redis as php session handler and object cache (what's the difference?)

I have installed redis and php-redis by apt-get install php-redis. It enabled redis extension for wordpres. But not added any lines in redis.ini

I have to enable object cache for editing every config.php and installing plugin on every site not a good idea.

How redis communicate with MySQL.

Just installed redis and php extension. I don’t know what to do now?

Please explain

You must edit every single wp-config.php. There is no easy path to illumination.


Do you use EasyEngine or not ? Because EE install automatically redis, and the php-redis extension, and when you create a wordpress instance with the flag --wpredis, it will also add the WP_CACHE_KEY_SALT into wp-config.php.

No I am.not using easyengine. But how to get ee script may I need to learn about this. How redis deal with mysql caching.

I have enabled query cache in mysql which is 64mb. Is this causes issues with redis. Mysql response time is 100ms according to newrelic. Threre is no slow mysql queries which I set to 1 Ms.

Finally noticed cloudflare routing from France to DO Bangalore causing high ttfb like 0.5- 1second.

Routing in India needs to paid subscription.

I guess session handler related to user login data May I right?

So enabling for every site overhead task.

What if I use w3 total cache to store object cache in redis. Is this works? Will w3tc automate the task?

If I know about ee early. I may save lot of time especially money.

Any command to add wp cache key salt to all wp sites.

Is wp-cli helps?

No, you have to edit every single wp-config.php by hand. Specially because you don’t use EasyEngine.

If I install easyengine, is it compatible with existing server.

No, EE requires an empty server, with just Ubuntu 16.04 Minimal. It will then install and configure all needed packages.

It might work with your pre-installed server and vhosts, but all odds are against you. You better spend your chances on lottery than on expecting EE to work on top of a previously installed system.

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If you had installed Predis to configure PHP redis cache, then you would only need to edit your index.php file after the installation to configure it. I would recommend you to use Predis because it is easy to install and configure. You can easily install it using following command

git clone git://