Redirection stopped working

Months ago I used your plugin to setup redirection from Blogger to WordPress and it was working perfectly. I happened to find and click on an old link to our Blogger site today and discovered it was not working anymore. When I accessed the plugin settings, I had to run through the set-up again. When I clicked on verification, the link took me to the homepage not to the post as it had been. I tried replacing the code in case something had changed. It still just redirects to the homepage. Any idea why it would stop functioning?

Nothing is changed in our plugin from last few months. The plugin is working fine, I just cross checked it with my test blog.
May I know with which hosting company your WordPress blog is running? If its hostgator, then you can follow the instructions mentioned here.


We’re using A Small Orange Shared Hosting.

I mentioned having to set up the plugin again, but I see that you always get the “Start Configuration” screen. I ran it again just now, and the verification produced the same result. Here’s the test case:

Clicking this link »
Should redirect to »

Result (which displays home page):


In that case, please check with the hosting support team. The hosting account is blocking mod security for external URLs.

Thanks, that resolved the problem!