Redirection sends me to the new site address with complete old address appended to it


I was using a custom domain ( at blogspot and I am now forwarding that domain to an entirely new domain ( at a wordpress installation. I successfully imported all my blogspot files and they are all mapped and named correctly. If I type any old custom domain page link they correctly redirect to the new domain. The only thing that is not working is if someone were to use an old link, it doesn’t forward to the correct path, here’s what happens…

If someone were to try visiting:

The code I got from the plugin redirects them to:

Can you tell me what I need to do? It seems like an easy fix.

Thanks, John


Hi @johnfixesstuff,

To fix this there are two possible option:

Option 1:

You can activate domain on blogspot site and add its plugin redirection code in the page template. So all links from will get redirected to

Add domain forwarding for domain to redirect all its links to along with maintaining the permalinks as it is.

Options 2:

As you have the redirection code (in javascript) to redirect from to

Similarly, you can inform your developer to write conditional codes in javascript to redirect links to whenever user visits the blogspot site from or domain.




I ended up using a different plugin which generated the redirect code for me that actually works. Thanks for your reply. Everything is redirecting correctly now. I had assigned a custom domain to my blogspot blog but the ancient links forward correctly to now so I’m all good.

Thanks, John


Hi @johnfixesstuff,

Glad to know that your problem is resolved.

I am closing this topic for now. Feel free to create new support topic if you have any queries ahead. :slight_smile: