Redirection of individual posts not working

First of all, thanks for a great plugin!

I’ve having trouble with a redirect I just did. It should be going from to Redirects are working, but they only go to the homepage. Any individual posts or pages from the previous Blogger blog all redirect to the homepage on the new Wordpress site. I know I probably did something wrong, but I’m not sure what it is – I followed the instructions very carefully. I still have the plugin installed and activated on the Wordpress site.

Obviously, something is working because it all comes to the new blog. But how can I fix the issue with it going to individual posts?

Make sure the plugin is activated on WordPress blog. Also check with the current hosting company if they restricted some redirection rule. Like hostgator did

Thanks – I checked in with the hosting company and as I said in the first post, the plugin is still activated. They changed some rules but it looks like it still isn’t working. For example, redirects to Is this still a hosting company problem?

For me the redirection is working fine.

They figured out another rule that was preventing the redirection and now it’s working. Thanks!