Redirection includes year and month in the link hence not redirecting properly


Here is test case after verify configuration. Should redirect to »

And it actually goes to

Please help Shridhar

Hello Shridhar, I can see this your is working fine and the year/month permalink structure is showing 404 error. It mean the correct permalink for your WordPress is /%postname%/ only. So, what problem you are facing?

Blogger to WordPress Migration after installing redirects to year/month link rather than postname only.

It claims to redirect a. b. to

But redirects to c. which is wrong.

Our plugin display the same permalink structure which you are using the Settings->Permalinks options. So, I am not sure why the URLs are redirecting towards the year/month URL. Please check if you are using other redirection plugins and some .htaccess rule.

Can you tell me redirection url from blogger is generated by plugin or by blogger? If by plugin then where the logic is implemented.

If you have followed all the instruction for the plugin then you will understand that the redirection is handle by plugin. And if you are looking for the code of plugin, then its open source, you can cross check its code.

I can still see this URL is working fine and NOT redirecting here


You should go to

And it should redirect to


I hope the old issue of URL redirection which you have mentioned previously is resolved for you:

It claims to redirect a. b. to But redirects to c. which is wrong.

Now , the old blogger blog URL is not redirecting to WordPress post. I am aware of this issue. But I thought you know that. Its not an issue from our plugin.

I think you were using the old blogpost URL for the and NOT the custom domain. Hence I can suggest you to re-import all the content from to WordPress using old blogpost URL. OR change custom meta fields for all the posts and then generate code using our plugin and paste it into template. That's it and you are done. Or you can hire our team to provide you complete migration process without any issue.

Thanks, --Nitun