Redirection and no media found for the request issues

The first bug is this one: It is very wrong. It should work that if you click the photo, a pop-up image will show to your screen, enlarging it to have a better view.

The second bug came from another page. It is the same also from the first bug, the only difference, when you click a photo, a popup box showed up and says "Sorry !! There’s no media found for the request !! " Check screenshot:

Please help me fix this issue. I am using the latest version of RTMedia!

Hello @jedlarosa,

If you have kept the lightbox setting enabled it should open the media in the lightbox when clicked. Please, once check the same by activating any default theme of WordPress ( 2015/2016/2017 etc ) and deactivating other plugins. This will help to avoid possible conflicts.

For the second issue, I can see there are many errors [ 500 Internal server error ] exists in your browser console. Please, once try to fix them. Also, check if the media file is present on required location.