Redirecting to Home Page


I installed the plug-in today, but all posts from blogger seem to redirect to wordpress home page
(moving from to

It looked like installation and activation worked, but after verifying, I got this test url
Clicking this link »
Should redirect to »
However, clicking on the first link goes to:

which goes to home page.

I did read all the similar postings on the support forum: I’m unsure as whether it’s a web host issue–only one user reported using the web host I’m using (greengeeks) and I was unclear as to whether his problem was resolved.

Hi @Catriona,

I am giving you few pointers to check

  1. Make sure Blogger-to-WordPress Plugin is always activated.

  2. Check you have changed the blogger template to new template generated by Blogger-to-WordPress Plugin.

  3. Check in your custom fields [blogger_permalink] field is mapped with same blogger URL.

If all of above checks are okay then please contact to your hosting service and ask them to whitelist the security rules.