Redirecting Suddenly Not Working

Hi there.

Ive been using this plugin for 3 months now without any problem at all, until today. The redirecting suddenly not working.

Eg. this url (my old blog):

shud go / redirect to

but do not, instead the link change to:

What has happened? Please help & guide me. Thanks.

*sorry for my english.

That might be because of your hosting provider restricted the external URL redirection. For more details refer this and get in touch with the hosting team.

Thank you for your reply, Sir. I had contacted my hosting provider but they told me that they cannot do partial whitelist for rule 1434234, 340162, 340163 and 900035. They only have Disable / Enable option for mod_security. What should i do now as they said, disabling the mod_security could put my blog into risk of being hacked, malware etc. And they will not help me if that happens.

In that case, you may need to change the hosting account. Or ask them to disable mod_security.

Am planning to change my hosting. Thank you for fast reply.