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My blogger blog :

My WP Blog :

I followed your blogger to wordpress migration. I installed your plugin and imported blogger posts to wordpress blog and that worked fine. Now when i click on Verify Configuration i got two links : one blogger post link and one wordpress post link.

test case : Clicking this link

Should redirect to

but it redirected me to following link

For all blogger links i am getting redirected to homepage

What I have Tried (1) Verified different test cases for posts. (2) Your plugin is active in plugins. (3) My permalink are set at "year month post .html " format ( 2013/11/post-name.html ) at Wordpress Blog (4) At My hosting provider I told them to Disable Mod_security. Mod_Security Is Disabled.

You can check post redirection in google by typing " "

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Hello Milan,

  1. Have you deleted your blogger blog? I can see the blog not found error. See the attached image.
  2. Cross check the post custom fields are added in each imported posts, the values must be present for blogger_permalinks and blogger_URL

Thanks, --Nitun

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Nitun Thanks For Replay.

(1) No i have not deleted my blog. it is because of some deleted posts.

(2) How can i check that custom field are added or not in imported posts ? and if not present then how can i add it ?

  1. Those deleted posts will not be redirect towards WordPress blog.
  2. Custom fields are added when the content are imported in WordPress blog. Its not manual process. You can check the custom fields in post editor section of imported posts.

Nitun You are right ! :) I checked in my imported posts. Customs Fields are not present there.

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Oh, in that case you need to re-import all the posts from blogger blog to WordPress and then try. There is no other option.

Thanks Nitun for your instant replies ! ! I have never seen support like rtcamp any where.

i will Check your suggestion and give you feedback. :)

My pleasure :)