Redirect Plugin Picks up my custom domain name rather than my old blogspot

I started my blog using a name, changed it to a custom domain name (still hosted by blogger) and then later changed to Wordpress. I used your Blogger to Wordpress plugin to redirect my posts. I followed all the other steps to in your tutorials, and everything works well, the only issue I’m having is when someone clicks on an old link with my address (via Pinterest) it takes them to a Blogger redirection screen, which then asks for a confirmation in order to be redirected to my site. (Here’s an example: It’s an extra step I don’t want others to go through, is there a way to get rid of it?

When I used your plug-in, it seems to only be picking up my custom domain name, and not the old name. I still used the plug-in and added the code to my blogger site. Is this a problem? Is this what’s causing that Blogger message to appear, or is it another issue entirely? Thanks in advance for any support you can provide!