Redirect not working!

So I have read the other posts and am so far unable to get the individual redirect to work. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. My blogspot acct is My new Wordpress blog is I did contact HostGator and asked them about rule 1234234 (which I read about on one of the other posts as needing to be whitelisted.) They said: "Well, this isn't a modsec issue. There's no server issue."

Not sure what to do. Thanks for the help in advance!

Also, a sample post to try is the following:

It also looks like now I am getting a Forbidden error message when I try to go to the sample post (the one that I provided.) I was playing with it to try to make it work, but I’m not sure why that is happening.

Please ask in hostgator support team for this ==>> { Hello “insert hostgator employee’s name” Can you please Whitelist the security rules 1434234 so that I can connect remotely for redirects.}
And give them your blogpost post URL.
If still it will not work then cross check your WordPress plugins folder permission, it should be at least 755.

YES! It works perfectly now. Thank you! Quick question: will my blog lose Google pagerank because of the redirect?

Thats nice!!
Answer to your Question: Did you follow our DIY article of migration process? We have mentioned the process of first setting up the custom domain for blogger blog.

Since blogger server do not allow 301 re-direction for url, hence we do it by adding java-script code in blogger template.

However the page rank depends on the Google INC policies, so hopefully you may get better results. wish you good luck.