Redirect issues

Hi, I redirected from to It seems to work for me in that I always get redirected. But other people seem to be able to access the blogspot site and leave comments etc. Seems weird to me that someone can leave a comment but I cannot access the post to reply to them...

I am not able to see blogger blog Its always redirecting towards the WordPress blog. Can you please show me the blogger post where you are getting comments from people?


Mmmm, me too. :slight_smile: This is the email I got this morning:

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “Fermenting things part 2”:

Is there a recipe for the cherry chutney?
I just got some pickl-it jars and would love to try it! :slight_smile:

It’s going to : I get redirected too but clearly the person who left the message did not. Also, traffic has not reduced on old site or increased on the new since I redirected.


Actually there are a few hits coming through from the old site to the new, just not as many as I expected. Lisa

Hi Lisa,

I am not sure what would be the problem as the blogger blog post redirecting towards the WordPress post. May be that comment is old one (before you migrated to WordPress).

OK, well it’s definitely a new comment but it’s a mystery as to how the person managed to submit it. Let’s hope it’s a one off.


Yes, I think so. As all the links are redirecting properly, so no one can submit posts again :expressionless: