Redirect HTTPS to HTTP



How would I redirect a site from https to http?

PS: I have just installed easyengine on google compute engine are there any security steps I should take?

Thank you


@dalandau You can refer to step 4 of our article on ssl setup.


Hi thanks but I do not want to enable SSL, I want to redirect all ssl requests to normal http.

HTTPS to HTTP redirect



@dalandau In that case you simply can have two server block. One listening on port 443 and redirecting the request to http://<your-sitename>. Another server block listening on port 80 with the site’s rest configuration. Example:

server {

     listen 443;
     return 301$request_uri;

server {

     listen 80;


Thank you for the help,

Where should I insert this info?

I tried in


then restarted NGINX

But it did not work, browser still says:

“This site can’t provide a secure connection”

Am I doing something wrong?


You are missing the very basics of HTTPS connections: you must have a valid certificate installed and working.

I think you are trying to redirect HTTPS traffic to HTTP to avoid maintaining the secure site.

But even in this case you need the certificate, because first of all the clients will be connecting on port 443 (encrypted by definition).

Unless I didn’t understand anything. In such case I’ll ask you to explain what you need as if I was five years old, please.


Ok, now I understand.

But is there an easy way to achieve this? What are the steps?

Thank you


You have all the answers already.

But perhaps you did not set up the SSL certificate correctly.

Actually, I think it is stupid to move from HTTPS to HTTP. I can’t see what’s your point here.


I am not moving from https to http…

There are some links on the internet that linked to my website under HTTPS and now they get a connection error therefore I want to redirect them to HTTP

Why would I need a certificate? I do not want to use HTTPS


You need a certificate because these links lead to an HTTPS connection, and browsers BY DEFINITION would only accept encrypted data on that port.

Unfortunately I can’t say that better than I already said, perhaps because English is not my first language. I hope someone else can explain this in a manner you can understand.



I understand now, thank you