Redirect going to index pages

I have recently moved my blog from blogspot to its own domain . I have imported all the posts via the built in importer from blogspot into wordpress. I have tried to use your plugin to redirect but all the redirects go to the home page not to the actual posts


redirects to

instead of

is there something I have done wrong? or something set up on my server I need to change?

thanks in advance


First, run the fix.php file given here.

Seems like the problem with permalink structure which is using categories in it. You can try it by changing the structure to /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html.

Do let me know after making this changes, the problem persist.


I tried fix and it said done but the redirect still goes to the index page.
I have also changed the permalink and that had no effect either.
I have asked my host to disable security but so far had no luck


Cross check the points are done on your WP site
If you are using the hostgator server, then this article might be useful (also go through the comments).
As our plugin is working fine for everyone, so there might be a problem with hosting server.

my host is

the host has disabled mod_security and its working fine now

Glad to know that its working for you. :slight_smile: