Redirect after upload


Currently, after a user uploads a video, they are taken to the album page. E.g:

How can I have the user be taken to somewhere else? Ideally I'd like the user to be taken to the media page. E.g:


Please note the upload page I am using is:



Ideally, we'd want to get rid of this post upload redirection. We'd rather have an inline upload where the user stays on the same screen. There are a couple of other ideas, as well (like redirecting them to a bulk edit screen).

However, that'd depend on some major Ui modifications that are planned over the coming months. Now, if you have some other suggestion (maybe add a setting for redirection), feel free to advise us.



Users to stay on the same page sounds like the best approach to me too.


@henrywright - I guess this is how the default uploader shortcode works at the moment.